Welcome to the Perplex City Season One Retrospective

Planning and running this game for you over the past few years has been a pleasure. From the death of Monica Grand to Receda's Revenge to Oistin Meade the somewhat-confused psychologist, we've had some great times, haven't we?

In celebration of the end of our first season, and because we're so overcome with love for you, our players, we've decided to put together a little retrospective on Season 1 of Perplex City. Dive right in for behind-the-scenes looks at our original art, the map, and our story planning, plus our official credits.

Roll up, roll up, it's competition time!

Congratulations to all 15 winners of the 'Guess the weight of the Cube' competition.

Thanks to all those who entered! Some of the entries included:
"The cube has no weight"
"The cube is 72kg!"
"Technically the cube has been scientifically proven by the Academy to be of an indeterminable weight because it does not have a consistent weight or mass, academy scientists have proven that while the size remains consistent, the weight varies"

The total weight of the cube is 3.6kg!

Winners will be notified by email. Your goodie bag will be with you shortly.